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If you look at the definition of « hair » in wikipedia, you will be able to read from the first lines « Not to be confused with Fur ». An interesting point because it is indeed a story of hair here. This stool is a head, whose face has disappeared under a dense hairstyle. Besides, the Hairy Stool moves like hair.

Made of palm leaves mounted on a wooden cylinder, this stool is made of traditional mexican materials. Both flexible and rigid, thick and thin, the palm leaf is traditionally used for basketry. They grow on the palm tree Brahea Dulcis, on the mountains of Guerrero State, in Mexico They are picked, tinted and braided. The Hairy Stool makes an unprecedented use of it: the palm leaves are free to move here, let loose like beautiful hair.

Palm stool

Hairy stool

Created in collaboration with Hiato