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Landscape lamp, sculptural lighting, swiss made, designed by Margaux de Penfentenyo

The Landscape Lamp is a  high craftsmanship creation, evoking the trees that cover our planet. The colors of leaves, flowers and landscapes, which vary according to geography and climate, have inspired my color palettes. Each piece bears a unique tree name, and a range of colors that evoke a season.


This sculptural lighting is made of solid limewood sourced from the Gibloux forest in Switzerland. The Landscape lamp is created by 4 hands. Charly, my carpenter, makes it, then I paint it in my workshop. Blurring the line between fine art and design, each piece is made to order, perfectly executed and unique.

Available on order
Swiss made

Sculptural lightings

Landscape Lamp

Color samples


Each color palette is inspired by a season.

British summer




British spring

Spring in Provence


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