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Margaux de Penfentenyo_dog bowl holder_design_one of_04.jpg

dog bowl holder

Designed for a beloved dog

Margaux de Penfentenyo & Hiato Creativo, Hairy stool

Hairy stool

The hairy stool is a prototype created in collaboration with Margaux de Penfentenyo and Hiato Creativo, for Mexico design week 2021. Exhibited at Inédito, it is the result of a fusion between contemporary design and traditional Mexican craftsmanship. Made from pine wood and palm leaves.


Glass memory

Glass Memory is a public artwork proposed to the city of Royan in memory of those who disappeared under the bombings of 1945. Made of glass bricks, halfway between solidity and fragility, transparent to the dematerialization limit. The monument seems to evaporate to the sky.

MdeP-La Reunion-Residence Santa Apolonia


Created for the Santa Apolonia residence on Reunion Island, this wallpaper is the result of a beautiful collaboration with the interior design firm Jan & Ray. The movement of the oceans is the origin of the inspiration for this pattern.


MdeP-Conversation with objects-Dining Ta

conversations with objects

Objects are great sources of inspiration. I paint directly on it to dialogue with them. I imagine their life and that of the beings who used them. What were they used for? What did they see? What are the emotions that revolved around them? What memory is hidden in them?


curiosity cabinet

A collection of objects from here and elsewhere on which I intervened to tell a story, but also functional objects created from scratch


restaurant l'apéro

L’Apéro is a bar restaurant located in Mexico, which I created from scratch. The whole project was designed around a single guideline. Everything was designed to measure. The architectural and decorative project, as well as all the furniture (chairs, stools, tables, lights, mirrors, shelves, etc.), but also the drawings, paintings, and inks that are exposed there, make this restaurant a unique place.



MdeP-Landscape biography-Mixed media-Art

Landscape biography

Typographic and geological observation of a landscape is the first act that gave birth to this project. I photograph them, note their GPS coordinates and look for the geological maps that correspond to them. These data allow me to retrace the history of landscapes



Air, clouds and dreams

These imaginary compositions reflect a meditative state at the time of drawing. I control my breathing and my hand accompanies each line. The shapes are airy, the lines flowing, and the movement appears naturally. It’s sort of the movement of my breath that’s represented in all of these drawings. Calm emerges. My wish is to share this peace and this serenity.

MdeP-AK47-Blanc-Bataclan-Art-Art contemp

memory of a kalachnikov

Why does man do to others what he would not like to be done to him? What happens there in him when he kills? How can we continue to live as a man when we know what our species is capable of?

Mountain Landscape

This artwork evokes the uprising of the earth that formed the mountains. Rocks from different eras and natures have been moved and mixed to form overlapping and parallel strata.



MdeP-Margaux de Penfentenyo-Design-Art-Magic Mirror-Mirror-Wood-04.jpg

magic mirror

The Magic Mirror is a perfect circle with a ringed frame. Inspired by Saturn, this mirror reflects not only appearances, but also inner desires and cosmic truths. It is a portal to the cosmos whose magic is unfathomable, but revered by all who behold it.



Margaux de Penfentenyo_Flowers_Glas_Stem Marker_01.jpg

drink tag

"Excuse me, is this my glass or yours ?"

Handmade in Mexico

100% wool felt

100% natural dies

Margaux de Penfentenyo_Salone Satellite_Beauty Mirror_04.jpg

Beauty mirror

Feeling beautiful or feeling ugly ?

We all have our days...

Margaux de Penfentenyo_Hudi_03.jpg


Side table created in collaboration with Hiato Creativo, and made by the community of Santiago Mexquititlán, in Querétaro, Mexico.
This prototype was exhibited at the National Museum of Anthropology during Mexico Design Week 2023.

Made of rattan fiber, wicker stems and solid oak


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